Dart’s drive for efficiency occurs within the context of Dart's balanced strategy for caring for our environment.

Our three-faceted environmental strategy includes ongoing efforts to:
• Maximise efficiency in the materials and processes we use
• Promote the environmental attributes of Dart's products
• Research and develop new materials, products, and technologies that further reduce our energy usage and carbon footprint, promote recycling through the use of recycled content, or utilise renewable resources

Through this balanced approach, Dart will continue to exercise effective environmental stewardship in pursuit of a sustainable future.

5 Steps

Dart Products Europe take 5 key steps to sustainability. Please click on the '5 Steps' section to find out exactly what these steps consist of. 

Green pages

Our Green Pages offer a list of additional websites where you can find out more about materials, recycling and the environment.

Did you know?

Quashing some myths and common misconceptions by explaining general environmental terms and statements relevant to Dart Products Europe's environmental offering.

Simply Cups

Dart Products Europe (formally Solo Cup Europe) is pleased to be a founder member of the Simply Cups Recycling Scheme, the UK’s only paper cup recovery and recycling service. First launched on the 1st of August 2014, Simply Cups is working towards solving the issue of recycling by providing cost-efficient collection and recycling for paper cup manufacturers, hospitality and beverage outlets, and those operating in the supply chain.

Simply Cups is a partnership between Simply Waste Solutions and Closed Loop Environmental Solutions, and with two decades of knowledge between both companies, they aim to do things differently from other schemes that have failed in the past. The recycling process involved in the Simply Cups scheme means that they are able to separate the film and paper layers from the cup; which allows for the sourced materials to be recycled for a variety of uses.

As a company that is committed to being environmentally aware and continuously working on our products to meet latest consumer and environmental demands, Dart Products Europe’s partnership with Simply Cups is another step in taking actions towards a more sustainable future.

Paper Cup Recovery & Recycling Group

Dart Products Europe is a member of The Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group (PCRRG).

The PCRRG is a ground-breaking partnership of businesses from across the supply chain dedicated to finding ways of increasing the recovery and recycling of paper cups. In June 2016 it published The Paper Cup Manifesto, which pledged to increase significantly the amount of paper cups recycled in the UK by 2020.

The Manifesto pledges that: “The paper cup supply chain agrees to work together to ensure paper cups are designed, used, disposed of and collected to maximise the opportunities for recycling by further investment and funding of recycling, disposal and collection projects.”

The PCRRG is made up of pioneering organisations from across the paper cup supply chain, including paper cup manufacturers, retailers, recycling and waste management companies and paper re-processors.