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Olivine® - the salad bowl that delivers more


Olivine® press&dress® containers are made from up to 60% rPET, combining sustainability with high clarity that lets your food shine.

press&dress® allows operators to incorporate a 2oz soufflé insert, clipping tightly to the inside of the lid then pressed to release, letting customers dress as desired. Whether you’re stacking high with fresh salad or packing indulgent desserts, safe transportation is assured with Olivine® due to the plug fit lid that ensures a leak-resistant seal.

Olivine’s exceptional shelf presence, eco-conscious materials and crystal clear finish makes Olivine® a star in packaging. Olivine® is available in a range of sizes with a 375ml, 500ml and 750ml on option, and either a press&dress® or domed lid to pick from.

Olivine® containers give you all you need in just one box.